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Our Mission

When a woman looks in the mirror and sees that she is rapidly losing her hair due to alopecia or chemotherapy, the image reflected back at her is often heartbreaking. Known psychosocial complications due to hair loss can include depression, low self-esteem, altered self-image, and less frequent and enjoyable social engagements. At Follea, we know that hair loss is not merely a cosmetic condition, which is why we’ve made it our mission to help women around the world overcome the devastating effects of hair loss. Our goal is to ensure women not only look their best, but also feel confident and beautiful.

That’s why Daniel Alain Hafid, Founder and CEO of The House of Daniel Alain, has traveled the globe combining industry knowledge with the very best craftsmanship, artistic inspiration, and hair design innovation possible to create revolutionary Follea wigs and hair enhancements. Made with only the finest European hair, Follea wigs and hair enhancements move naturally, offering virgin-like color and shine, as well as exquisite cap construction.

Our Heritage

With more than 30 years in the industry, Daniel’s career in hair started alongside his father, a gifted entrepreneur, whose vision to create natural looking hairstyles made him synonymous with world-class elegance. He recognized that beautiful hair could not only strengthen a women’s sense of self, but also empower them—a value that remained a central focus for Daniel when he established Follea in 2008.


In partnership with our bio-tech company, Daniel Alain Life Science, we are dedicated to finding the cure for hair loss, thinning, and shedding, and aim to improve quality of life, as well as the self-esteem of women around the world.

Our product portfolio consists of the first-ever minoxidil response test. Imagine knowing, prior to starting therapy whether or not you will be a responder to 5% Topical Minoxidil. See how Daniel Alain’s Life Science products can work for you.



At Follea, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the next best thing to your own hair. Made from only the finest European hair, Follea wigs and hair enhancements move naturally, offering virgin-like color, high shine, and exquisite cap construction.

Every Follea piece is designed to be customized to fit your style, personality and lifestyle, just like your natural hair. Whether it’s some fresh highlights for the summer or darker pieces for winter, the possibilities are endless. The best part? Wigs can be purchased in the color and length that mirrors your own hair, or colored and styled for a truly customizable finish.


After your consultation and wig selection, your product(s) will be sent to the address of your choice. If we have the product in stock, it will take approximately 2 days from your initial consultation to receive your order. If the item is backordered, or needs to be specially custom made, it may take up to 6 weeks from your initial consultation.

follea gripper cinnamon

The Follea Gripper Lite in Cinnamon (15040)

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