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My name is Lesley Corey, and I am the founder of Locks By Lesley. I have had alopecia areata most of my life. I understand the emotional aspect of losing your hair. People who suffer hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, or other medical causes often experience emotional as well as physical trauma. Hair thinning and hair loss affects roughly 30 million women every year, and I am one of them. For these reasons, I undertook a personal mission—and professional commitment—to provide a solution that changes women’s relationships with their struggle—to not only look their best but also most importantly to feel confident and beautiful, always. I have tried a variety of different hairpieces over the past 30 years. My life is very active, and I was having a difficult time finding a hairpiece that was comfortable, natural-looking, and could endure my active lifestyle.

At Locks By Lesley, we have designed a collection of hairpieces and wigs for clients that allow them to look natural but also to feel comfortable and secure so you can resume your lifestyle with complete self-confidence. We have sizes and styles especially flattering to young children, teens, and adults. We offer synthetic and human hair options. Our exclusive European human hair wigs and hair enhancements are created from the top 10% of hair quality in the world. Handcrafted from beautiful European human hair, our hairpieces are designed to create options for different levels of hair loss. The use of medical-grade silicone strips allows adhesion to sensitive bare skin without the use of irritating bonding agents. From the initial consultation to choice of color and style, our process is designed to allow you to once again enjoy active lifestyles without fear of embarrassment.

Locks By Lesley is the destination for brand superiority. Locks By Lesley’s mission is to innovate, create, and manufacture the premium products available to the hair and beauty industry. Everything Locks By Lesley does is driven by the ultimate passion to make women look and feel beautiful and confident. Launched in 2008, Locks By Lesley is designed to help women overcome the devastating effects of excessive hair loss and thinning due to alopecia, chemotherapy, or other medical conditions. Locks By Lesley offers Joli Cameleon, Daniel Alain, and Jon Renea Wigs.  Locks By Lesley offers wigs from Joli Cameleon wigs which include a Joli Cameleon wig selection and value that meet the needs of most women and children with hair loss and alopecia. Joli Cameleon designs manufacture and markets the industry’s finest collection of luxury European and multi-ethnic natural hair creations. 

Follea by Daniel Alain offers high-quality wig and hair enhancements made with 100% European human hair, boasting virgin-like color and shine, as well as exquisite cap construction.  Locks By Lesley also offers Jon Renau handcrafted wigs and hair enhancements providing clients many options that are exquisite and affordable.

At Locks By Lesley, we’re truly passionate about hair and beauty, and we’re proud to share our love of the industry with you. I know how hard it is to find the right hair product that is comfortable, natural-looking, and fitting your lifestyle. Don’t let your hair continue to stop you from living your life. I have been wearing these hairpieces for over a decade now and have lived with Alopecia most of my life.  I no longer worry about whether my hair is falling out of my piece whenever I wash or brush my wig. I can wear my hair up or down, and no one knows I am wearing a wig. I no longer rely on tape or sticky glue to hold my wig in place; I can go outside on windy days, swim with my children, and live everyday life. I have gained confidence and reassurance in the activities I enjoy and no longer have the fear that my hair will fall off or fray apart. I am no longer controlled by my hair, and I am loving it! I finally found the product that gave me my life back! I will forever be thankful to Locks By Lesley for giving me life or normalcy once again! Now it’s my turn to pay it forward and help you.

I understand and know what it’s like to have hair loss, and I can help you. Please contact me today so we can schedule a no-obligation appointment, and I can show you our products and assist you with your hair care needs.

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