CHIC LIFESTYLE 10″ European French Top Hair Wig by FOLLEA – Daniel Alain

French Top · Hand Made Back · Premium European Hair · Suited to Flatter Styles with Visible Parts


  • Ventilated with healthy, natural human hair in Straight with Natural Body Texture—Lifestyle wigs can be curled, ironed, or permed in the same way you do your own hair—and cut to whatever style you choose with the given hair length.
  • Lifestyle wigs are stocked in medium size. Extra-small, small, large, and extra-large sizes are available by factory order.
  • Available in any of our 13 TruLife™ colors.
  • Lifestyle Collection Wigs are available in 3 layered lengths:


  • French Top · Hand Made Back
  • Premium European Hair
  • 10”/15” overall

10030 Chardonnay (blonde), 10031 Majesty (blonde), 1010 Espresso (dark), 11035 Vienna (blonde), 11800 Vanilla Crème (blonde), 15040 Cinnamon (dark), 2040 Café (dark), 2060 Caffeine (dark), 3030 Mocha Latte (dark), 3050 Tea (dark), 3060 Latte (dark), 5005 Macchiato (dark), 5030 Caramel Latte (dark), 5035 Cappuccino (dark), 5045 Chai Latte (dark), 5055 Crème Brülée (dark), 6020 Irish Cream (blonde)


Large, Medium, Not Sure, S, XL, XS, XXS, XXXS