Pixie 5″ Hand tied top Human Hair Wig | FOLLEA – Daniel Alain

5″ Overall


  • 100% European hair
  • Hand-tied top, closed wefted back allowing the hair to lay flat against the nape of the neck for a natural & seamless look
  • Signature return hair technique for added fullness
  • Customizable to your desired style
  • 5″ Overall

FOLLEA designs and creates 100% hand tied wigs using only the highest grades of hair and the gentlest process attainable. Discover technology blended seamlessly with artistry and join us in redefining luxury in extraordinary 100% lace front human hair wigs. FOLLEA offers unrivaled longevity and craftsmanship in all wigs. For the finest handmade wigs, you have but one clear choice, FOLLEA.


10030 Chardonnay (blonde), 1010 Espresso (dark), 11800 Vanilla Crème (blonde), 15040 Cinnamon (dark), 2060 Caffeine (dark), 3050 Tea (dark), 5005 Macchiato (dark), 5030 Caramel Latte (dark), 6020 Irish Cream (blonde)


Large, Medium, Not Sure, S, XL, XS, XXS, XXXS